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About Me

Jameson L. Hampton is a non-binary adventurer located in the heart of the West side of Buffalo, NY.


Jamey Hampton is an artist who turned into a programmer after one too many animation classes that were computer science classes in disguise. They are a ruby and android developer and they love writing code because they love solving puzzles.

They are currently working as a senior software engineer at True Link Financial, helping folks in financially at-risk demographics manage their finances.

Previously, they worked in the agriculture sector at Artemis (formerly Agrilyst), a startup that’s doing data analysis and crop management for indoor farms. They’ve also been a contractor, working on projects such as Medicapt, a Human Rights Tulip award nominated mobile app to help physicians in third world countries to collect medical evidence of sexual violence crimes in order to increase prosecution. They also speak at conferences, particularly about transgender advocacy and engineering ethics.

Articles about projects Jamey has worked on

Jamey is passionate about both making zines and reading zines. They have served as the resident zine librarian at Sugar City Arts Collaborative.

They also love podcasts and have been involved in making several:

Jamey’s greatest wish is that they were immortal so they’d have time to visit every coffee shop in the world. They spend their free time thinking about Star Wars, being a world ranked scavenger hunter (after winning GISHWHES in 2015!), and going out into the woods to set sculptures on fire.