fire ecology

a personal blog for Jamey Hampton

Creative Writing


coming soon: troublemaker firestarter, vol 2

With Fated Love
featured in gutslut press, bonemilk, vol 1
available in print and digital versions

I was never ένα κορίτσι
featured in pollux journal, issue 3

game day
featured in ghost city press, may 15, 2021

dear margaret
featured in pink plastic house, april 29, 2020

i was there
featured in moonchild magazine, issue 4

the magic in your veins
featured in rhythm & bones lit’s dark marrow, issue 2

Short Fiction

coming soon: the open culture collective, vol 4: LORE

“Without the Moon
featured in honeyfire lit’s MOON & TIDE, a celebration of bi+ authors
originally featured in prismatica magazine, issue 4 & the prismatica podcast
a 2019 best-of-the-net nominee

“white flowers to the sea”
originally featured in lazy adventurer publishing’s queer’s one for the ages historical fiction anthology
currently out of print

“Q, open this if you find it”
featured in Tales from the Zones: a Danger Days anthology by the GraveRavers


“The Dweller on the Horizon”
illustrated by Matt H. Taylor
featured in the Why Faith? Anthology by Arcane Inkdustries
Digital version available on Amazon
Print version available on Gumroad

“The Updrafters”
illustrated by Melissa Capriglione
featured in the Life Finds A Way Anthology by Cloudscape Comics

Interview about The Updrafters with Cloudscape Comics

Tabletop Gaming

“The Necromancer’s Brother”
a tier 1 module for D&D 5e
featured in the Uncaged Anthology, Volume III
*2020 Silver ENNIE Winner: Best Electronic Book
*DMsGuild Best Seller: Platinum